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The VonClowns

 The first family of Clowning


Last Year, the VonClowns had a lot of fun work doing family events all over Virginia, West Virginia, District of Columbia, Ohio, Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania

DR BUD wore out his clown shoes, walking around doing his award winning Magic Show and blowing up a zillion balloons. While DaMissus used up a lot of paint doing hand & face painting. And Oopsie and Bubbles did their clown skits & handed out a lots of ‘Yore are Special ‘ stickers.


For more information on the VonClowns look at our website at www.vonclowns.com


It's the time of the year to setup our spring and Summer Weekend festival Schedule. And we are still available (for some dates).  We are wondering, if you need a good clown family for your family event?


 Our rates are reasonable, and include the entire VonClowns family of FOUR clowns. We look forward to helping your event be even better this year.


DR BUD & DaMissus VonClowns


Balloon Crew’s Shows

 (Any show can be customized to meet your needs)

Balloon Sculpture Class Show - DR BUD teaches everyone how to do a simple balloon sculpture. After years of watching some else do the balloon sculptures, DR BUD shows how easy it really is. With 100% audience participation each show is unique and full of fun and laughs.

Walk around Magic Show- Some times you do not need a formal stand up 60-minute show. But you need some type of entertainment; Walk around Magic Show can sometimes fit the need. In this style of entertainment, DR BUD fills his pockets with magic, balloons and comedy props and mingles with the crowd.

Comedy Magic Show-Bring your camera because with over 33 years of performing experience, DR BUD will entertain your guests with their hilarious antics, providing ample photo ops. Laugh as he attempts to do magic suitable for kids of all ages. Audience participation and volunteer assistants help make each show unique and full of fun and laughs.

Safety Show- DR BUD will entertain and educate your guests with magic tricks designed to teach about safety. Laugh as you learn about safety. Audience participation and volunteer assistants help make each show unique and full of education, fun & laughs.

Magic Class Show - Bring your camera so that take a picture of your budding Houdini's. DR BUD will teach anyone, who wants to learn, three simple magic tricks. Then they get to take home the information on the magic tricks, they just learned on the back of a flyer from our local sponsor.



the VonClowns family

10 The Three Stooges are not available

9 Unlike Politicians, the VonClowns Promise and Deliver

8 Always Reliable, Professional, Flexible, Affordable and Highly Recommended

7 Their Show is Visually Exciting and Original.

6 They continually keep the Crowd Laughing.

5 Most of their Volunteers have survived.

4  DaMISSUS's Retirement Fund needs a big boost.

3 It is a FUN and Easy Show for your Technical Staff.

2 Oopsie and Bubbles hope to go to college.

1  Everybody loves clowns  

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