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DR Bud's 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact you?

You can contact me by E-Mail at drbudtheclown@outlook.com, by telephone thru the Balloon Crew at 703-436-9487, or visit my website at drbudtheclown.com.

How much do you charge?

My fee is based on a number of factors including: type of event, how many hours, how many participants, location, types of entertainment activities, and necessary preparation and supplies. Please contact me at your earliest convenience for a specific fee quotation.

Who are your clients?

I "clown around" for hundreds of families for private celebrations throughout Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, and West Virginia. I've also performed for a wide variety of businesses, organizations, hospitals, cities, churches and synagogues, libraries, schools, and community organizations. 

How old are you?

DR BUD The Clown is six every year on his birthday. I think that six is the perfect age for a clown who loves to play and help other people smile and laugh.

What types of events do you entertain at?

I love "clowning around" at birthday parties. I also love to entertain at company picnics, wedding receptions, school reunions, and other types of special events for individuals, businesses, schools, libraries, cities, hospitals, community organizations, and festivals. I can tailor an entertainment package to fit any type of event.

What size are your shoes?

I have really big feet but I do have pretty wing-tip shoes. I'm not really sure what size they are but I'd guess size 14EEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

How tall are you ?

6 feet 6 inches

Does your nose "honk"?

Yes, but only on Tuesdays.  

Where did you learn how to do "that"?

I have lots of skills -  making awesome balloon creations, magic, and many others. I practice all the time, read books, watch clown skill videos, and attend lots of workshops and conferences to expand and enhance my skills. 

Do you have a "partner in clown"?

Yes, I work with my girlfriend of 29 years DaMissus and three other clowns that kept showing up at the same events. DaMissus says they look a lot like our kids, but I know our kids would never be caught working as a clown  

What's your "real" name?

DR BUD is my "real" clown name and the only name I usually answer to when I'm out "clowning around". You can call me "Clown" or "Handsome" but don't call me late to dinner!

Can I see your photo album?

That's a great idea! I'll post some of my favorite photos at the Von Clown's Photo Album. Enjoy!


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